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reSTORE is our in house refill shop where you can refill your own containers, saving on packaging waste.

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We sell eco friendly household cleaning and self care products. Buying from us helps cut down on waste and reduce your impact on the planet. Have a look at our latest product list here as a PDF document. This will be changing all the time as we take on more products but it will give you a taster of what we have.

How do I do this?


(weigh) your containers. You write the weight on the container so we know how much to take off at the till.


You decide on the product you want to buy and FILL your containers and weigh again.


We subtract the original weight and you PAY the difference.

What can I use as a container?

Don’t buy new if you don’t need to – you’ll definitely have something suitable at home already. Any container that is clean and can be sealed will work. If you use shampoo, washing up liquid or toilet cleaner bottles it means that the plastics from home are being reused to the end of life and not ending up in our oceans or our food chain through being disposed off after a single use.

We also have glass bottles in store if you would like to buy ours!