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Business Donations

Would your business like to create a better environment for future generations, while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint and meeting your corporate social responsibilities? How about saving on waste disposal costs as you divert your materials away from landfill.

At SCRAP we collect surplus unwanted and unused materials from businesses for reuse as art, craft, play and educational resources by thousands of individuals and organisations, and we collect for free.

Partnering with us to safely dispose of your waste materials shows a duty of care and supports your site waste management plan, and contributes to greater resource efficiency for the diverted materials.

We welcome a wide range of clean, safe, versatile business waste materials – production offcuts and by-products, rejected QC batches, bankrupt and redundant retail stock, unused raw materials and packaging materials. We are usually on the look out for fabrics, plastics, metals, paper and card and much more.​ We are particularly interested in large waste materials such as construction pipes and reels for our ScrapShed outdoor play scheme.

Your unwanted materials will receive new life and be accessible and affordable to everyone. The majority of our members are community groups, arts organisations and educational settings.

The more scrap materials are donated, the more employment and volunteer opportunities are created in our thriving, community focused social enterprise. It’s such a simple, mutually beneficial way to show you care for the community and environment.

We can collect across our region of Yorkshire and Humber

please contact SCRAP on hello@scrapstuff.co.uk or call 0113 3452627 to talk about what you’ve got.

The Small Print
We are registered as a professional collector, and transporter of controlled waste, we have all the relevant waste exemptions and you will be supplied with a waste transfer note on collection. We are also fully insured and risk assessed.

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  • If you are enquiring about ScrapShed please state the name and location of your setting/school, thank you.