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SCRAP CPD workshops are designed for teachers, learning professionals, home educators and anyone interested in building their own confidence and skills in facilitating and encouraging creativity in children.

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The sessions take place in SCRAP, an inspiring environment fundamental to demonstrating our approach of reusing everyday objects discarded by others to stimulate the burgeoning, enquiring and creative mind and enhance your practice.

All activities relate to different areas of the curriculum from art and design through to science and environmental issues – including creating sensory spaces and early years settings, puppetry, trash sculpture, shadow play, adding sparkle to your curriculum and cultivating creativity.

Our sessions are led by members of our team of professional artists and active learning specialists all of whom share our belief and knowledge that creative practice stimulates curiosity, which leads to developing new ways of thinking and builds confidence in learning through questioning the world around us.

After attending one of our training sessions you will be more self-assured in your creative practice and understand the value in encouraging your children to question, reflect, experiment and explore the everyday world. You will be full of new ideas and bursting to try them out. If you would like to know more about SCRAP CPD contact admin@scrapstuff.co.uk.

If you would like to talk to us about SCRAP CPD the please drop us a message.

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“Creativity is as important as literacy”

Sir Ken Robinson